2023 SRMC Team Net Match Play Friday, March 31, 2023


2023 SRMC Team Net Match Play for Friday, March 31, 2023

2023 Team Net Match Play

-Registration closes at 3:00pm on March 31. Brackets will be drawn and published by April 4th.

-Maximum 10 stroke differential of course handicap between partners. If differential is higher than 10 strokes between partners the higher handicap player will be adjusted down.

-Bracket Formation: Net Brackets will be formed by a random draw. Should the number of teams require play-in matches or first round bye the previous year’s champions will be exempt from a play-in match or be awarded a bye.

-Play will be governed by USGA Rules.

-This is a single elimination event.

-All Play will be at The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge and played from the SAW tees.

-Dates and times for each match will be arranged by the participants. (If you schedule a match and fail to show it will result in you forfeiting the match. Ex. Bill and Matt arrange with John and Steve to play and John and Steve do not show.  John and Steve are eliminated).


Score Posting Requirement:


Prior to starting your round of golf, your score posting percentage must be at or above 70%. If you are below 70%, you may still golf in Men’s League but you are ineligible for the competitions. If you need assistance in looking up your peer review report in ForeTees or addressing score posting issues, please contact one of our Golf Professionals.   




An active GHIN handicap with The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge is required to play in all golf events at the club.


-Each round will have a deadline that the matches need to be played by.  If the match has not been played by that deadline and the match is not conceded by a competitor then it will go to a flip of a coin to determine the winner. The coin flip will be conducted by Peter Watts

-The initial rounds will be using current handicap index on the day of the match. Each player will receive 90% of their handicap. Below is an example of how the 90% is calculated.

The initial index is 18.9. The index is unaffected by the maximum index setting.
This player is on the Saw - Men tee, the slope is 136, the rating is 72.0 and the par is 72.
The Course Handicap is calculated as index * slope / 113 = 18.9 * 136 / 113 = 22.746.... The CR - P adjustment of 72.0 - 72 = 0.0 is applied. The resulting Course Handicap is 22.746....

The handicap adjustment percentage of 90.0% is applied. The Playing Handicap becomes 20.472.... After rounding, the Playing Handicap is 20.

-Matches are contested over 18 holes. If the match is all square the participants will continue play starting on the 1st hole until a winner is determined. PLEASE CHECK WITH PRO SHOP BEFORE CONTINUING THE MATCH.  They will make sure that you can finish the match without jumping in front of someone else. Once the match is over please do not continue play and return to clubhouse to turn in match card.

-Score cards are to be signed, dated and turned into the Golf Shop. Please clearly mark the winner and the results of the match. Ex. Bill Smith wins over Bob Jones 3&2.  

-The rules committee: The Head Pro, Peter Watts, Chris Sheeks and John Barron

-All decisions by the committee are final.

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