Golf Instruction

Elevate Your Game

Whether you are new to golf, wish to fine-tune your swing mechanics, or want to enhance your shot-making and strategic skills, The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge has an instructional program for you. We offer a wide spectrum of instructional options for golfers of all ages and abilities including private instruction, golf clinics, group lessons and on-course instruction - all designed to help each student achieve his or her personal goals and objectives.

In addition to classes and lessons for adults, we offer a comprehensive junior golf program for young members ages 9-17. Learn more about our junior golf program.

Private Lessons

Slow motion video analysis for real-time feedback and a launch monitor for measuring club speed, path, plane and ball launch characteristics are just some of the state-of-the-art instructional tools utilized by our instructors during customized one-on-one lessons. On-course playing instruction is also available, along with coaching packages for optimal skill development.

Director of Instruction

Member 45-Minute Lesson 
Non-Member 45-Minute Lesson
Junior 30-Minute Lesson

Experienced Assistant Professional

Member 45-Minute Lesson 
Junior 30-Minute Lesson

Assistant Professional

Member 45-Minute Lesson 
Junior 30-Minute Lesson

Group Lessons

Small group lessons are perfect for beginners, juniors, and anyone who enjoys the camaraderie and casual nature of learning in a group setting.

$65 each
Two (2) Students
$55 each
Three (3) Students
$45 each
Four (4) Students

Interested in our Golf Instruction Programs?

For more information about golf instruction at The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge, contact Bryan.

Bryan Stevens, Director of Instruction
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Learn the Basics Package

Our Learn the Basics Package is a series of six (6), one (1)-hour group lessons where students learn the fundamentals of the full swing, pitching, chipping, putting, and bunker shots. On-course playing basics can also be covered, along with any specific trouble areas such as increasing distance. The cost of the six (6)-hour lesson package is as follows:

$360 each
Two (2) Students
$300 each
Three (3) Students
$250 each
Four (4) Students

Coaching Programs

Coaching programs are a comprehensive approach to improving a students' entire game and is designed for committed golfers who want to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of performing at their highest level possible.

Each coaching program is customized according to student's goals, skill level, physical condition, and time availability.  In addition to instruction, coaching includes full swing and short game drills, practice direction and golf conditioning routines using Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) exercises for improved stability, mobility and swing sequencing.  Students will also build their skills in the areas of on-course management, shot selection, pre-shot routine, recovery shots, green reading, mental game strategies, tournament preparation, and how to practice with a purpose.

Please contact Bryan if you are interested in a customized Coaching Program.