2024 Member-Member Thursday, June 20, 2024


2024 Member-Member for Thursday, June 20, 2024

* This is a preliminary event description, format price and timing subject to change.

2024 Member-Member

Date: June 20th-22nd

-No Mixed Gender Teams Permitted

-A dependent on the membership can play with the primary member of thier account, however dependent must be 21 years of age and be their last year as a dependent on the account.

Handicaps: will be based off your handicap index on 6/16 and a maximum 10 Stroke course handicap differential based off your L.I. will be in affect. Players will recieve 90% of their tournament course handicap. If there is more than a 10 stroke C.H. differential occurs the higher handicap player will be adjusted to within 10 strokes.


Men will play from Saw Tees  -  Women will play from Three Tree Tees

Seniors 55 or over may choose to play from the Ax tees. Player must inform golf professional prior to start of tournament if choosing to play from Ax tees.

Flighted Event: Based off total team handicap and total number of teams in the field, including womens flights



3:00pm Pari-Mutuel starts

4:30pm - Horserace starts

7:00pm - Heavy Apps & Financial Planning Seminar


8:00am & 1:30pm Shotguns

Breakfast for AM Shotgun - 6:30am

Lunch for all players from 12:00pm


Breakfast for AM Shotgun - 6:30am

8:00am & 1:30pm Shotguns

Lunch for all players from 12:00pm

Crowning the Champions at 6:30pm (playoff if needed)

$550 per team 

Score Posting Requirement:

Prior to starting your round of golf, your score posting percentage must be at or above 70%. If you are below 70%, you may still golf in Men’s League but you are ineligible for the competitions. If you need assistance in looking up your peer review report in ForeTees or addressing score posting issues, please contact one of our Golf Professionals.   

An active GHIN handicap with The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge is required to play in all golf events at the club.

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