Great Galentine's Charcuterie Competition Tuesday, February 13, 2024


Great Galentine's Charcuterie Competition for Tuesday, February 13, 2024

"Every February 13th, My Lady Friends and I leave our Husbands and our Boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it" -Leslie Knope

We all love a good Charcuterie Board, but this Galantine's Day, we thought we'd make it interesting. Join us on Tuesday, February 13th for a Great British Bake Off Style Competition with Charcuterie! A glass of wine included. Whether your a mom and daughter duo, friends or family, come one come all to this very special event!

Teams of 2-3 people ONLY. Each team will receive the equivalent of two charcuterie boards to complete the challenges.

During the event you'll have two challenges waiting underneath a gingham napkin. A panel of judges will select each challenge winner as well as the Star Charcuterie Artist.

The First Challenge: Create your favorite landscape! The landscape must be flat on Charcuterie Board, as if you are making a painting out of cheese!

The Showstopper: Create a 3D Charcuterie House, the only requirement is that it must be a standing 3D structure and must have a roof.

The winner(s) will receive a VERY special prize at the end.

$75.00/ Member; $85.00/Guest

48hr Cancelation Policy

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