Kids Night Out 11 5 Friday, September 24, 2021



Kids Night Out 11 5 for Friday, September 24, 2021

Kids Night Out


  1. Drop off and pick up at the times listed for event: CURRENTLY | 5P – 8P
  2. Reservations are mandatory to reserve a spot for your child(ren), there is a limited number of spots
  3. Reservations open 7 days in advance for kids night out
  4. If space is available, day of reservations may be made over the phone with the front desk by 3:00pm.
    1. There will be a day of up charge for kids night out | $25.00
      1. Drop - ins are only allowed if there is space and up charge will apply
    2. 2.5 years old and potty trained or older are welcome
    3. Dinner will be served between 6 – 6:30pm
      1. In general, pizza will be served.
      2. Dinner is not guaranteed anyone arriving after 6:45pm – no price adjustments
    4. Kids must wear socks at all times and shoes if outside
    5. Inappropriate language, derogatory comments and verbal bullying will not be tolerated. Kids night out staff will make the determination of appropriateness
    6. Two finger touching for physical contact between kids for playtime, any roughhousing or wrestling will not be tolerated.
      1. First offense: child will be in “quite zone for 5 minutes
      2. Second offense: child will be put into quiet zone and parents will be called
      3. Third offense: child will need to be picked up immediately, and GM/direct supervisor will be notified
    7. Any comments, concerns or issues parents have are to be addressed outside of kids night out hours and brought directly to the attention of the Sports Director and not be addressed with Camp Counselor staff. Sports Director – Michelle Streifel
    8. Electronic devices are allowed, but staff will NOT assume responsibility for the content, screen time length, device safety or security. Staff reserve the right to remove device if necessary. It will be put away and given to parent at the time of pick up. Children will sit in quiet place while on device and not allowed to share with others.
    9. Washington state law requires parents to be on the property during Kids Night Out.
    10. All personal items must be labeled with names and are not the responsibility of staff.
    11. Communication for canceling is appreciated as this allows for other members to join in! 



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