Mermaid Camp 8.23-8.26 Tuesday, August 23, 2022


Mermaid Camp 8.23-8.26 for Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Mermaid Camp 

Ages 6+ 

Come learn what it is like to swim like a Mermaid! Swimmers will get experience with learning what it is like swimming with a mermaid tail on: dolphin kicking; summersaults; kicking on back; kicking on your side; diving down to the bottom of the pool; and swimming across the pool. Swimmers will also get a chance to play games with their mermaid tails on as well. 

Skill Requirements: 

- Front Float (20 Seconds)

- Roll from back float to front float 

- Back Float (20 Seconds) 

- Tread Water (1 Minute) 

- Swim 25 Yards 

- Dolphin Kick (10 Yards) 

*Skill Assessments will be done on the first day of camp* 


** 5 day cancellation policy

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