The Mission Monday, April 5, 2021



The Mission for Monday, April 5, 2021

Club Mission!

I am looking for 10 people to help me stay motivated to work out! HELP!

Who wants to work out their way with me to the next Arcis Golf Club in California, Ruby Hill?

Starting as soon as we have a team put together!

We will work together to complete the Mission. Our mission to start will be to Ruby Hill in California and is about 825.7 miles away!

Everyone will have their own app, login and tracking. See yourself/our team on google earth as you choose your mode of working out, sync your apps or watches and cheer each other on! Swim, Run, Ride or Cycle – the choice is yours! (conversion charts also available for yoga, barre and more!)

Let’s stay motivated together!

Connects with Fitbit, Strava, Garmin, Under Armour, Apple Health and Google Fit – or you can manually input your information.

To register for “Fitness” head on over to your ForeTees App à at the bottom select “fitness”, on the homepage you will find any updates specific to fitness. On the top left corner select the three lined “hamburger” à Select Events. From there you are can also filter by “category” should you have trouble finding what you are looking for.

*no additional costs*

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