Sound Bath Meditation 11.16.2023 2023-11-16



Sound Bath Meditation 11.16.2023 for 2023-11-16

Relax.  Receive.  Revive.  

Sound healing has been practiced for thousands of years and is a beautiful way to reset your emotional and physical body.  With a combination of Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, drums, percussive instruments, chanting, bells and more, Adam will lead you through a healing journey of sound. 

Dress Cozy, bring a yoga mat, a pillow & blanket and your intention for healing.  
Your healing is worth your time.

*3 day cancellation policy*

Led by Adam Riehl - 

Sound Healing can:

Clear energetic blockages

Lower stress levels

Lessen mood swings

Lower blood pressure

Help with depression & anxiety

Improve sleep

Detox your body

What to bring

Bring a pillow and blanket

Dress cozy

Bring your intention for healing

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